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«Music of Grodno streets» is a Grodno musical video blog. Live songs of the live musicians on the streets of Grodno.

Grodno is a city in western Belarus, on the Polish and Lithuanian border. The city is almost 900 years old (first mentioned in 1128), there are two castles of Polish kings, old churches, cloisters, cozy streets, parks ... We love our city. We also love live music: singers-songwriters, jazz, ethnics – all styles are good for us if the musician is good. Therefore, we want to show our city and the musicians who live here or come to Grodno to perform.

We are:
    Pavel Soloviov – idea, coordination, sound, internet
    Andrei Lomov – camera, montage (1–18)
    Ihar Adasik – camera, montage (19); design
    Aliaksei Shota«» / «Your Style», moral and material support.

Write us: MusicOfGrodnoStreets(at)


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